Content Publishing Platform Announces Closure


  • announces the closure of its subscription tool, effective November 30, 2023.
  • The decision comes after exhaustive efforts to sustain operations proved unviable.

In the recent announcement,, the Content Publishing Platform startup, announced its closure. The team sadly announced that their subscription tool will be discontinued. This marks the end for users who have been with them. The closure will be effective on November 30, 2023. team thanks users for their support and loyalty during their startup. Despite their best efforts, they can no longer continue operating. They appreciate the community’s understanding and trust and thank them for being part of the startup journey.

It is unclear why this decision was made and how it will affect users. Users are confused and want to know what will happen next and how their content will be affected. shutdown, closure attempted to establish itself as a versatile tool with many potential uses. It positioned itself as the fastest online publishing platform in the startup world, enabling users to easily organize, share, and promote content. Despite their best efforts, they have recently made this heart-wrenching decision to announce their closure., before announcing its closure, offered features for easily organizing various types of content through the creation of Smartlists. These Smartlists allowed seamless sharing on multiple social media platforms, providing enhanced accessibility to curated content.

It also facilitated content promotion by allowing Smartlists to have unlimited cards and incorporating the user’s name or brand in their URLs, ensuring consistent audience reach for personal or professional websites, social media profiles, publications, and products.

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The lack of information surrounding the startup’s departure has caused a sense of uncertainty among users, who are eagerly seeking clarity regarding what happens next and how their carefully curated content will be impacted. As the platform prepares to say goodbye, users remain hopeful for additional information regarding the shutdown and the fate of their digital content.

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