Google News Magazine Support Set To Close Doors By December 1st


  • Google has officially declared the discontinuation of its Google News magazine service starting December 1, 2023.
  • Magazines purchased and stored on Google News apps or will be removed from users’ libraries.
  • Users are urged to export their magazines before December 11, 2023, to retain access; a refund option is available for certain interactive content.

In a recent announcement, Google disclosed its decision to terminate the Google News magazine service effective December 1, 2023. The move will impact users who have purchased or subscribed to magazines, as access to these publications within the Google News apps or on will be discontinued.

Ashwarya from the Google team has shared an important update regarding Google News. According to her, support for magazine content will no longer be available on Google News starting from December 1, 2023. This means that if you have previously bought or subscribed to magazines, you will no longer have access to your library of magazines through the Google News apps or

Users are given until December 11, 2023, to export their existing magazines if they wish to retain access. Beyond this date, any unexported magazines will be permanently removed, and users won’t be able to retrieve them.

To facilitate this transition, Google has outlined a process for users to export and save each purchased issue. Notably, some magazines may contain interactive elements that cannot be downloaded for future access. In such cases, Google is offering a refund for the content in question.

According to Google, affected users will receive an email with the subject line “An update to Google News magazine support.” This email will include a link to the download page and/or a unique link to the refund request form, depending on eligibility. Users are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to export their magazines or submit the form for a refund before the deadline on December 11, 2023.

As the sun sets on Google News magazine support, users are advised to act promptly to secure their purchased content and explore the available options for export or refund.

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This article provides a comprehensive overview of the imminent closure of Google News Magazine Support, ensuring that readers are informed about the key details and necessary actions to safeguard their magazine collections.

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