Google Latest Search Announcement Reveals 2 Important SEO Tips

Google has recently made an announcement titled ‘New ways to find just what you need on Search.‘ In this announcement, Google sheds light on important elements of its search algorithm, placing a strong emphasis on the importance of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and how it applies to Google Discover.

The announcement emphasizes two important insights:

1. E-A-T in the Spotlight: Google underscores the vital role of E-A-T, emphasizing its importance not only in traditional search but also in Google Discover. Brands are urged to prioritize building the reputation, credibility, and visibility of the individuals behind their content.

2. Understanding the People Behind Content: Google expresses its commitment to better understanding the creators of online content. The search giant aims to showcase these insights to searchers, signaling the growing importance of humanizing content creators.

As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of online visibility, the need to demonstrate E-A-T has become paramount. Google’s implicit confirmation signals that ignoring E-A-T is no longer an option.

SEO Strategies for 2024:

Enhanced Author Pages:

  • Establish author pages as the virtual hub for your content creators.
  • Include detailed bios, descriptions of experience, links to created content, and connections to social media profiles.
  • The goal is to create a comprehensive entity home that connects the dots for your audience.

Implement Person Schema:

  • If not in use, it’s time to incorporate Person Schema on author pages.
  • This structured data markup enhances the visibility and understanding of the individuals contributing to your content.

Thought Leadership via Digital PR:

  • Feature your experts in the press, providing commentary on key topics within their expertise.
  • Elevate their profiles as thought leaders in their respective domains.

Diversify Content Contributions:

  • Encourage your experts to contribute to other publications, podcasts, and webinars.
  • Building a profile beyond traditional SEO realms enhances the overall reputation of your brand’s experts.

Value-Adding Insights:

  • Ensure your content includes expert-driven comments, tips, and insights.
  • Whether authored or not, attribute these insights by name, adding a personal touch to your content.

By collectively implementing these strategies, not only will you align with Google’s focus on E-A-T, but you will also establish your brand’s experts as invaluable resources, ready to be utilized. Despite the immense potential, numerous businesses have yet to effectively harness these strategies.

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As we step into 2024, it’s imperative to recognize the untapped potential of your experts as your brand’s biggest asset. The time for change is now, and the implementation of these strategies could redefine your brand’s online presence.

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