Google Search Central Addresses Reporting Issue in Search Console


  • Google Search Central has acknowledged a glitch in Search Console after concerns were raised by webmasters.
  • Brodie Clark pointed out a notable decrease in legitimate webpages, which caught Google’s attention and led to their active involvement.
  • Google appreciates the report and wants users to know that they are currently working on fixing the Search Console glitch. They want to reassure users that this glitch does not affect the indexing or ranking.

In a recent development, Google Search Central has taken note of a reporting glitch in the widely used Search Console. After concerns were raised by webmasters, including SEO professionals like Brodie Clark, who noticed a significant decline in valid pages across various reports such as Core Web Vitals (CWV), HTTPS, and AMP, the acknowledgment has finally been made.

Brodie Clark, in a tweet, issued a heads-up to the webmaster community, alerting them to the observed drop in valid items across various properties in Google Search Console. This sparked a wave of discussions and speculations within the community, with many eagerly awaiting feedback from Google.

Here’s the tweet:

The reported glitch seems to be affecting a range of crucial metrics, raising concerns about the accuracy of data presented in the Search Console. However, Google has clarified that this is a reporting issue and does not impact indexing or ranking.

The team at Google Search Central has actively engaged with the situation, expressing gratitude to Brodie Clark and others, including @RedCardinal and @PedroDias, for bringing the matter to their attention. They have assured the webmaster community that efforts are underway to resolve the issue promptly.

Google is currently investigating a glitch in Search Console reporting that webmasters, SEO professionals, and website owners should be aware of. It’s important to remain vigilant and patient during this time. Google assures us that the issue has no impact on the fundamental processes of indexing or ranking.

As the community awaits further updates and feedback from Google, the incident highlights the interconnected nature of the online ecosystem, where a glitch in a tool as critical as Search Console can have ripple effects across the web. Google’s commitment to addressing the issue swiftly reflects its dedication to providing accurate and reliable tools for webmasters worldwide.

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