Google SearchLiaison Addresses Discover Bug Affecting Site Owners


  • Google SearchLiaison addresses a bug affecting site owners on Google Discover.
  • Publishers globally report issues not only with Discover but also with Top Stories.
  • The bug has been resolved, but concerns about the impact on site rankings persist.

In recent communications, Google SearchLiaison, represented by @searchliaison and John Mu, has responded to concerns raised by publishers worldwide regarding a bug affecting site owners on Google Discover. Numerous reports, like the one shared by @webnoticia1 on Nov 17, detailed significant drops in website visibility post the recent core updates. Such issues were not limited to Discover but also extended to Top Stories.

Responding to the widespread concerns, Google SearchLiaison acknowledged the influx of messages from publishers globally, expressing the severity of the situation. They attributed the problems to both core updates and an identified glitch. The bug causing disruptions has since been resolved, but the aftermath leaves many site owners grappling with uncertainties about their rankings and the future visibility of their content.

Despite the bug resolution, publishers remain apprehensive about the lasting impact on their sites. A tweet from SEO expert Glenn Gabe underscores the ongoing uncertainty. Gabe had previously warned site owners about potential disappointments in Discover traffic following the bug announcement in early November. The current situation adds a layer of complexity, as it’s unclear whether there is a bug, and even if adjustments are made, many sites may not return to their previous traffic levels.

Google SearchLiaison has reassured publishers that they are actively investigating reported issues to identify general improvements. However, they emphasize that their systems do not operate on a site-specific basis. This means that while the bug resolution and ongoing investigations might lead to system refinements, there’s no guarantee that individual sites will revert to their prior levels.

The situation has left site owners in a state of flux, with concerns about the impact on their hard work and dedication invested in building their online presence. The resolution of the Discover bug marks a step forward, but the broader implications of recent core updates and potential future bugs remain uncertain. Publishers are advised to stay informed and monitor developments as the situation unfolds.

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