Google’s November 2023 Core Update Officially Completed


  • Google’s November 2023 core update, spanning almost 26 days, concluded on November 28, 2023.
  • The rollout surpassed the average duration, extending into the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events.
  • This marks the lengthiest documented core update rollout in Google’s history.

After an extensive rollout that spanned nearly 26 days, Google officially completed its November 2023 core update on November 28, 2023. This rollout surpassed the average duration, extending into the prominent shopping days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, coinciding with the November 2023 reviews update, making it a significant event in the SEO community.

The update, which commenced on November 2, 2023, at 3:09 PM ET, exceeded expectations in terms of duration. The announcement from Google came at 11:32 AM ET on November 28, 2023, concluding a rollout that lasted 10 days longer than the previous record-holder, the August 2023 core update.

This November 2023 core update was not only the longest core update rollout but also marked a substantial period compared to other updates. While not the lengthiest update in general, as the December 2022 helpful content update took 38 days to roll out, it secured its place in history as the longest core update rollout.

It’s worth noting that the October 2023 core update, starting on October 5, 2023, and completing on October 19, 2023, concluded two weeks before the November core update’s rollout.

Here’s the tweet:

The November 2023 scenario was different from the October core update because it involved multiple updates happening at the same time, including the November reviews update. This made it challenging to determine the specific impact of each update on a website, as they were similar and deployed simultaneously. To differentiate between the effects of the November core update and the reviews update, it is necessary to conduct a careful analysis of the initial core update volatility.

As Google completes its November 2023 core update, webmasters and SEO enthusiasts will be closely monitoring its impact on search rankings and adjusting their strategies accordingly.

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