Google’s ‘Posts From’ Section Integrates Twitter, YouTube, and More


  • Google is experimenting with a new feature called “Posts From” in search results.
  • The feature includes posts from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and probably some other social media platforms too.
  • Testing is in the early stages, reported by Barry Schwartz, Search Engine RoundTable.

Google is testing a new feature called the “Posts From” section that could change search results. This feature integrates content from social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram into Google’s search results. However, as reported by Barry Schwartz from Search Engine RoundTable (Source), this feature is not yet universally accessible, indicating its early testing stages.

When users search for something, they can now see a section called “Posts From”, which shows relevant tweets and Instagram posts. Although not everyone can see it yet, this is a promising step towards a more integrated search experience.


Google post from section

The introduction of the “Posts From” section brings both potential benefits and concerns. On the positive side, it could offer users more up-to-date and relevant information, especially during breaking news events.Imagine when you search for news and in addition to the usual results, you are also presented with real-time updates from journalists and eyewitnesses in the form of tweets and Instagram posts.

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However, there are concerns about the reliability of information.If Google decides to move forward with the “Posts From” section after testing, they must address the valid concerns about potentially increasing the difficulty for users to identify reliable sources. This could inadvertently contribute to the dissemination of false or misleading information.

At this early stage, it’s still uncertain whether the “Posts From” section will improve or complicate Google’s search results. Google’s success with this feature will depend on how they improve it and how users react. It’s important that Google addresses reliability and misinformation concerns in order to shape the future of search results. Keep an eye out for updates.

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