OpenGPTs Introduces Open Source Dynamics To GPT Models


  • OpenGPTs, an open-source version of OpenAI’s GPTs, is now available, offering a customizable AI experience.
  • Users can choose from over 60+ Language Models (LLMs), fine-tune prompts with LangSmith, and integrate from a library of 100+ tools.
  • OpenGPTs stands out for its customization options, allowing users to select language models, add custom tools, and build a personalized UI.

In a recent development, the open-source community has responded swiftly to the release of OpenAI’s “GPTs” with the unveiling of “OpenGPTs.” This new version combines LangChain, LangServe, and LangSmith to recreate the features and user experience of OpenAI’s GPT models. It also adds openness and customization options.

OpenGPTs offers users the flexibility to choose from over 60+ Language Models (LLMs) provided by LangChain. The selection is extensive and can be customized for different project needs. Developers using OpenGPTs can improve prompts with LangSmith, which enhances the accuracy and performance of Language Models for a better user experience.

One of the standout features of OpenGPTs is its extensive tool integration. With a library of more than 100 tools from LangChain, users can effortlessly select and integrate tools into their workflow. Moreover, OpenGPTs provides the flexibility to create and add custom tools, offering unparalleled versatility in shaping the AI experience.

Users have the liberty to choose specific language models, giving them greater control over the AI experience. Unlike using OpenAI directly, OpenGPTs allows users to more easily add custom tools and use the underlying APIs directly, providing a more tailored and personalized approach.

The appeal of OpenGPTs extends beyond its customizable nature. It introduces features such as a Sandbox, providing an environment to import, test, and modify existing chatbots, all in code for easy editing. Moreover, it has built-in support for Custom Actions, allowing users to define extra functionality for chatbots by utilizing OpenAPI specifications. With this feature, users can easily integrate additional tools to enhance the overall support provided by the chatbot.

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Apart from that, OpenGPTs is getting ready for future upgrades. These include Knowledge Files, which allow chatbots to access additional files, and Tools that provide basic functions like web browsing and image creation. Analytics, Drafts, Publishing, and Sharing functionalities are also in the pipeline, making OpenGPTs a comprehensive and evolving platform for AI enthusiasts.

OpenGPTs is an open-source alternative to GPT models. It has the same capabilities as proprietary models but also offers accessibility, customization, and community-driven development. This makes it a major advancement in open-source AI.

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