Google Search Console Enhances Reporting With Learning Video Rich Results


  • Google Search Console now includes Learning Video rich results in Performance reports.
  • Learning-specific information, when provided with structured data, enhances the video discovery experience.
  • Eligibility for learning video rich results requires adherence to specific guidelines.

In a recent update, Google Search Console has expanded its Performance reports to include Learning Video rich results. This new development benefits students and teachers by providing educational content that helps improve the learning experience.

The inclusion of Learning Video rich results in Performance reports signifies a significant step forward for Google Search. Now, when content creators explicitly furnish learning-specific information through structured data, such as details about educational levels, concepts covered, and skills addressed in the video, Google gains a deeper understanding of the video’s content. This understanding, in turn, enables Google to provide a more enhanced experience for learners, aiding them in discovering precisely what they need.

Availability and Limitations:

As of now, the learning video rich result feature is available in English across all regions where Google Search operates. However, it is important to note that this feature is specifically tailored for searches related to academic learning content and is accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Guidelines for Eligibility:

To ensure your page qualifies for learning video rich results, adherence to specific guidelines is imperative. These guidelines cover various aspects, including general structured data, search essentials, video best practices, technical guidelines, and more. Notably, the content must comply with VideoObject required and recommended properties, be publicly accessible without a subscription, and have a minimum video duration of 30 seconds.

Important Points to Consider:

  • Manual Action Warning: Violating the outlined guidelines may prompt Google to take manual action against your site. However, once rectified, you can submit your site for reconsideration.
  • Structured Data Type Definitions: Understanding the full definitions of VideoObject and LearningResource, available on, is crucial for effective implementation.
  • Content Display Guarantee: While following the guidelines enhances eligibility, Google does not guarantee the display of structured data-based features in search results.

Creators aiming to leverage this update should carefully implement the required properties and consider including recommended properties to enhance the overall user experience. It’s essential to note that Google’s display of rich results depends on various factors, as outlined in the General Structured Data Guidelines.

Source & Image Credit: Google Search Central (X)

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