OpenAI Rolls Out Custom GPT Building in ChatGPT


  • OpenAI now lets you create personalized AI, called GPTs, for specific tasks.
  • No coding needed: Easily make GPTs for teaching or explaining, tailored to you.
  • GPT Store Launch: Share and earn with your unique GPT creations.

OpenAI is making waves in the world of AI by allowing users to craft their own versions of ChatGPT. These custom AI models, known as GPTs, can be designed to help with tasks like teaching math or explaining game rules, all without requiring any coding skills.

What sets OpenAI apart is its user-friendly approach. Unlike other AI platforms, such as Character.AI and Meta, OpenAI focuses on utility, avoiding the creation of bots that mimic human behavior. This move distinguishes OpenAI in a crowded market, bringing a fresh perspective to AI customization.

The introduction of custom GPTs not only expands the horizons for users to explore and share their creations, but also paves the way for exciting new possibilities. OpenAI is set to unveil a groundbreaking GPT Store, similar to well-known app stores like Apple Inc.’s, where users can not only discover incredible customized GPTs, but also have the chance to monetize them. This revolutionary democratization of AI development is reminiscent of the app economy, granting users the chance to showcase their unique talents and even generate income in the process.

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OpenAI is dedicated to maintaining ethical and responsible use of its technology. User content remains private, as creators of GPTs are not granted access to it. Additionally, OpenAI carefully monitors all activities on the platform, effectively preventing any forms of fraud, hate speech, or inappropriate content.

The upcoming GPT Store will exclusively showcase agents from verified identities, further cementing OpenAI’s commitment to creating a safe and secure AI environment that adheres to high ethical standards.

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OpenAI aims to develop Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and is now focusing on personalized AI models. To advance its goal, the company has decided to limit access to paid subscribers. This strategy will help OpenAI generate more revenue and attract potential investors with a valuation goal of up to $90 billion.

Ultimately, OpenAI’s decision to launch custom GPT building not only represents a major breakthrough in AI technology, but also opens doors to a more inclusive and user-centric AI environment, generating a mutually beneficial situation for developers and users alike.

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