Sessions Review 2023 –  Is It The Best Meeting Platform?

Sessions Review: Are you tired of boring and unproductive meetings? Well, Sessions might just be the solution! It’s a meeting platform that makes your sessions more exciting and useful by bringing all your apps and stuff right into your meetings.

No more jumping between different things – everything is in one place. In this review, we will discuss the features of Sessions, both its advantages and disadvantages. We will also share a special discount.

Sessions Review

Although meetings are crucial, they often lack excitement. However, Sessions revolutionizes the way we conduct meetings by introducing an interactive approach. It seamlessly integrates all your applications into the meeting, eliminating the need for constant tab switching. This helps everyone focus better and get tasks done faster.

The Share Palette feature is absolutely fantastic! It allows you to effortlessly share files, open links, and utilize various tools, all while keeping everything incredibly organized.

Sessions Review, Review

And that’s not all – you can even play YouTube videos directly in your meetings, adding a whole new level of engagement to your presentations.

Sessions makes meetings more fun and productive by removing boring elements. Goodbye dull meetings, hello interactive Sessions!

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Let’s now explore the amazing features of Sessions that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Check them out below:

Sessions Review Features

Sessions meeting platform, sessions pricing

Memory: It is a useful feature that stores a record of your meetings, making it convenient for you to find past ones. You no longer need to search through emails or notes. Additionally, Memory organizes all the files and items shared during meetings, making them easily accessible at a later time.

Memory also gives you smart data about your meetings, like who was engaged the most and how long the meeting lasted. Imagine having the extraordinary ability to enhance your meetings to a whole new level.

The best part? You can effortlessly share your meetings with others by simply copying the link, allowing them to witness everything firsthand.

AI Copilot: The AI Copilot acts as your intelligent assistant during meetings, providing real-time suggestions that effortlessly enhance the flow of discussions. platform review, Sessions Review

This tool helps with creating agendas, conducting polls, and transcribing conversations. It also adds enjoyment, making meetings feel delightful with a helpful companion.

Custom Domains (CNAME): Using your own web address for Sessions is a sophisticated approach. Instead of using a regular Sessions link, you can have a customized link that adds a touch of professionalism and is easily memorable.

Rooms: Rooms offer the convenience of having a dedicated meeting space that belongs to you.

The days of constantly creating new meetings are over. With Rooms, you have the freedom to customize and organize it to your liking, ensuring that it suits the needs of your team. Gone are the days of dealing with the inconvenience of changing links. Say hello to the ease and adaptability of Rooms, tailored to your preferences..

Referral Program: Sessions will soon be offering rewards for sharing the app with your friends! By simply sharing a link, you can be rewarded with a thank-you gift when your friend becomes a Sessions user. It’s an opportunity to spread the word and be rewarded for doing so!

In a nutshell, Sessions keeps getting better with cool features like Memory, AI Copilot, Custom Domains, Rooms, and a soon-to-come Referral Program. It’s like upgrading your meeting experience to the next level.

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Sessions Pros & Cons

Let’s face it – no product is perfect. Here’s our honest opinion on Sessions:


  • Clear meeting outcomes are ensured by interactive agendas.
  • The use of AI copilot greatly enhances the quality of webinar experiences, making them truly remarkable.
  • Collaboration is made easier thanks to the seamless integration with popular tools.
  • Ultra HD video and audio enhance professional meetings.
  • Engaging webinars with advanced event management features.


  • Sessions may be unfamiliar to some due to platform differences.
  • Limited integration capabilities.

Sessions Pricing

For a limited time, AppSumo is offering an incredible lifetime deal courtesy of Sessions. You can secure this amazing opportunity with a one-time payment starting at a mere $59!

Sessions lifetime deal, pricing review

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal! You can enjoy up to 95% off and get access to a wide range of features such as video calls, cloud recording, and custom branding. Take advantage of this offer now and transform your meetings into something truly awesome!

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Wrapping Things Up

Sessions is the ultimate meeting platform superhero, revolutionizing your collaboration experience. With its extraordinary features like Memory, AI Copilot, Custom Domains, Rooms, and the upcoming Referral Program, meetings become a delightful blend of efficiency and enjoyment. Say farewell to dull and unproductive gatherings, and embrace Sessions for a thrilling and enhanced collaboration adventure. Thank you for reading our article on Sessions Review. We hope you found it helpful.

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